WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS. And our clients love us. And we figured, what better way to showcase what we can do for our clients, than to allow them to share their successes firsthand. Enjoy!


Ed Robinson

“There are very few people who are born to do what they do for a living; Ryan Hassinger is one of those rare individuals. He was meant to help people reach their personal goals in fitness and health and push them to a level that was not even considered. His knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication helped me overcome major hip surgery and slowly get back to my normal level of fitness. He was able to achieve this through a solid short term and long term plan with minor victories along the way. I recommend Ry9 Fitness to all golfers despite their handicap who want to increase their flexibility, strength and overall fitness.”

Eric Schultz

“I have seen the results of Ryan’s efforts firsthand as a golfer and golf instructor. He takes a client’s abilities and goals and customizes a program for each individual. But, what sets Ryan apart is his tireless infectious energy and commitment to his clients’ success.”

Jordie Maine

“Ryan combines a real enthusiasm and enjoyment of people with a commitment to learning and expanding his knowledge base in order to improve the conditioning and strength of his clients. He looks at each client uniquely and designs a plan and agenda to help them improve their complete fitness profile. He’s fun to work with but he continues to push his clients in order to meet their goals.”

Bruce Robertson

“In February of 2012 my wife and I started working out with Ryan. Our goals were very specific. To increase flexibility, increase body tone and increase strength, all geared towards improving our golf games. I weighed 192 lbs. in February and today my weight is 175 lbs. Ryan put together both a workout program and a nutrition program and the results have been incredible. Ryan is extremely knowledgeable, energetic and passionate about his work and his clients. If you have specific goals with respect to golf or getting in shape, Ryan can help you meet or exceed those goals!”

Debbie Maine

“Thank goodness I met Ryan! I wanted to add golf fitness to my exercise regime to benefit my golf game—even though I already felt I was in good shape. I quickly learned from Ryan’s workouts that fitness isn’t just about running or being strong. It’s about one’s overall movement and balance. This functional movement is not only crucial for golf but also for good health and longevity! Ryan’s workouts challenge me by strengthening my physical weakness (lack of flexibility and mobility) and bringing my strengths in balance with my body’s overall ability to move (functional movement).”

William M. Whetzel

“I met Ryan five years ago. At age 57, I was wrestling with two herniated disks, a lack of sustained energy when walking 18 holes and a handicap that was trending slowly down. Ryan brought a new and positive approach to not only working out but improving my core strength, balance, endurance and even mental health. He asked what my goals were (something I had not heard from a trainer or physical therapist up to that point), and we have slowly achieved them—including bringing my handicap down from a number that wandered around the mid-teens to a steady 10.5. He tailors our workouts to my needs; every week is a little different. I am in better health, and in better control of my body and my golf game, than I ever thought I would be at my age. Ryan really works!”

Megan McGowan

“Yes, Ryan is an amazing physical fitness trainer but what makes him extra special for me, is his knowledge and passion for golf. Every single exercise we do has golf reasoning and purpose. I truly believe that working with Ryan has drastically affected my golf game. Longer drives and more control is a direct result of my Ry Nine fitness program (not to mention a 20 lb. weight loss too!). Ryan gets to know his clients personally and develops a workout specifically for them. Everyone golf game is different and so should their golf fitness program. Thanks Ry Nine Fitness!!!!!”


How long will it take to see a difference in my golf game?

The length of time that your brain has taken to develop your currently swing, and how engraved it’s become in your muscle memory, impacts a lot. So this question really depends how frequently and consistently you work on your new corrective exercises and workouts.

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