Meet Brian Farrel

posted April 5, 2014

Brian Farrel is a 43-year-old golf professional at Sunnybrook Golf Club in Plymouth Meeting, PA. In September of 2011 Brian weighed 260 lbs. and paid little attention to what he ate or any exercise. In the next year he did something we all dream of doing — fully committing to his health and fitness!

Read about Brian’s Goals and learn how Ry 9 Fitness can help you achieve the same success in fitness and nutrition.

Brian’s Goals

  1. “I wanted to be in better shape than I’ve ever been, which would have been my senior year in college.”
  2. Get back to college weight of 185 lbs.
  3. Get back to under 10% body fat
  4. Get back to 34 inch waist


“I didn’t want to just cut calories and do cardio fitness.”

As a key part of creating Ry 9 Fitness’ weight loss program with Brian, he was absolutely up front and truthful about his poor diet. He was fed up with every chip, sip of soda and bite of ice cream that was currently entering his body. Creating a list of healthy foods was all part of the preparation process of his success.

Brian began eating 5-6 meals a day rather than his typical 2 meals during his grueling work schedule. The food he was now eating consisted of complex carbohydrates, higher levels of protein and more leafy vegetables. He began to really stay away from refined sugars. Since Brian’s day off was Sunday, this was the day he prepared all of his food for the upcoming week meal by meal.

Exercise Program

“The proper nutrition helped me go through my workout longer.”

After a reasonable amount of weight loss, Ry 9 Fitness and Brian sat down and developed an attainable workout routine for Brian to complement his newly formed dietary habits. Brian joined a gym that was open 24 hours because after a 12 hour day he wanted to go home in the evening to spend time with his kids. His gym routine started at 4 or 5 am because he committed to going to bed an hour earlier. The exercise program Ry 9 Fitness and Brian came up with helped to focus on a different body part each day and stick with very basic exercises (large muscle groups) 5 days a week. He took the weekends off, but if he wanted to throw in some cardio he would save that for Saturday and Sunday.


“If you start to lose more than 2lbs a week, you’ll begin to lose muscle with it.”

Within 3 weeks Brian really started to see a big change in his weight. Month by month the weight kept falling off. Not until the 4th month did Brian start to realize that a workout program needed to be put in place for his muscle and strength. While hitting the gym he noticed a huge change in his energy levels and he would wake up with a kick in his step. Brian and Ry 9 Fitness would consistently meet up and shake up his workout program to avoid any plateau.

By Month 10 Brian achieved 12% body fat and had some biceps that Arnold would be jealous of. His weight then and now is at 185 lbs. and all of his newly purchased pants have that 34 inch waist! Brian has now made this diet and workout routine a part of his life.

Most Difficult Part

“Making time to prepare”

Brian’s entire process started with preparation:

  1. Learning what the best foods are to eat
  2. Preparing those foods to eat throughout the week
  3. Learning a consistent workout routine
  4. Preparing times in the week to workout


“You can’t feel good about anything until you feel good about yourself.”


How long will it take to see a difference in my golf game?

The length of time that your brain has taken to develop your currently swing, and how engraved it’s become in your muscle memory, impacts a lot. So this question really depends how frequently and consistently you work on your new corrective exercises and workouts.

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