WELCOME TO RY 9 FITNESS, well known for its golf specific fitness programs. Ryan Hassinger, owner/head of Ry 9 Fitness, is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified trainer. His programs are a compilation of cutting edge corrective exercise and conditioning programs which enable you to play golf longer and more efficiently.


Ry 9 Fitness programs vary from one on one personal training, group classes, partner training, and even Golf Pro/Fitness Pro sessions!

Ry 9 Fitness, with the help of TPI, can now accurately discover limitations and weaknesses in the body that directly affect your golf swing and performance throughout a round. Contact us today for more information.

About Ryan

Ryan graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Kinesiology and has had the “golf bug” ever since he was a child. He started building his reputation as the golf fitness guru in the Philadelphia area after launching an exercise program at the corporate headquaters of Body Balance for Performance in Conshohocken. Since leaving Body Balance in 2008, Ryan now privately serves his clients in many of the country clubs in the Philadelphia area.

About Kean

Kean recently graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Kinesiolgy. Since, he has completed the Ry 9 internship program and joined the team full-time. Whatever their fitness goals may be, kean is committed to seeing his clients succeed . He strives to create a personal experience and cater to each clients specific needs.


About Mike

bio_mikeMike is a recent graduate from Penn State University where he majored in Kinesiology. Throughout his college career he has interned with Ry 9 Fitness and worked closely with the Juniors program. Upon graduation, Mike went to One on One Fitness Consultants, Inc. where he went through their mentorship program as an intern. Since completing schooling, Mike has joined the Ry 9 Fitness team full time and brought his experience and knowledge to his clients.

About Nicole

bio_nicoleNicole graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Movement Science Kinesiology and is a certified yoga instructor. Health and fitness have always played an important role in Nicole’s life. Combining that along with her love of helping others achieve success, are the primary reasons for her career choice. Nicole’s motivation, hard work and dedication to her clients make her a great trainer. While employed at Ry 9 Fitness she has worked with a variety of individuals who have varying goals. These client goals include, but are not limited to, golf and other sport related goals, weight loss, Spartan training, flexibility and yoga. She is very enthusiastic, a team player, and always striving to learn more to give her clientele the best possible experience at Ry 9 Fitness.


How many sessions are included in a program?

Every program design is custom. Depending on the frequency, and determination on your part, a monthly game plan is designed just for you. 5x, 4x, 3x, or even 2x a week is scheduled with your Ry 9 clinician each month.

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